03 August 2009

June Review

Towards the end of June the LEYTR Blog took a short holiday, while one of its founders (and a couple of its readers) undertook our historic LEYTR Top 'n' Tail jaunt from John o' Groats to Land's End - but with a twist. This means, postings for June were lower than we'd like, only 19 in total.

1st: The start of June opens for us with a quote from Lord Andrew Adonis that we felt warranted reproduction and we visited Nottingham, where the city's newest operator took to the streets in direct competition with the tram network.

3rd: One of our favourite industry magazines decided - without any consultation or research - to alter the very essence of its being. We weren't convinced that it was to be a change for the better.

4th: It was a photo that made every trade mag and a few red-tops - this little gem from Konnect Bus.

5th: The latest safety statistics for the rail industry had just been released and we were fascinated by some of the lesser-thought ways of injuring yourself on a train or its station.

7th: With Megabus now in its sixth year, and its £1 headline fare still going strong, we had a look to see whether the way in which the operation had grown continued to offer value, ever for £1.

8th: It's the position that sees the most changes in government - that of Secretary of State for Transport - and we just witnessed another re-shuffle.

9th: We reviewed May and her 33 entries therein.

11th: The Oxford Tube - reportedly Europe's most frequent coach service - is given a re-vamp, with new vehicles ordered.

12th: We'd speculated that the new South Central rail franchise could only really go to whom the government regarded as 'a safe pair of hands' and this is exactly what was announced today.

13th: We reported the very sad death of a passenger on the top deck of a London bus - who was missed when the driver finished his shift.

16th: GMITA announced a £3.5 million upgrade for its Metrolink service along the Altrincham Line.

17th: The national media referred to the news today as the undoing of The Beeching Report in part. This isn't really true, though it is encouraging to see that new rail links - albeit along existing lines - have been identified.

19th: Users of the Tyne & Wear Metro would like to be able to travel free using their English National Concessionary bus passes, as they can do in London and Manchester. Lord Adonis said he'd look into it.

20th: It was here that we packed our things and headed for the off, to undertake our longest jaunt to date: the LEYTR Top 'n' Tail.

25th: Upon our return, we hurriedly composed Part 1, with Parts 2 through 5 to follow.

26th: Employees of British Airways were posed a real dilemma, not a moral one. What would you do?

28th: Hot-on-the-heels of Part 1, we uploaded Part 2 of the LEYTR Top 'n' Tail jaunt.

29th: The New Transit magazine arrived while we'd been away. We reviewed it. See what you think.