11 July 2009

Connection issues

No sooner had we installed the Twitter application, the LEYTR computer chose to refuse to connect to the Internet! A dysfunctional modem is to blame and after many phone calls to our ISP, a replacement has been sent. Unfortunately, this too is not working as best it should. While we're convinced our nearly-new computer is not at fault, we're at the mercy of our ISP, who we've chosen not to mention as we don't want to be accused of libel!

The Internet connection problem is having NO effect on the production of the forthcoming LEYTR July/August magazine, which will be published on schedule at the end of the month.

In the mean time, please bear with us. As soon as normal service resumes, we'll get round to replying to the mountain of correspondence the LEYTR email account will no doubt have amassed over the past few days. (PW/GL)