09 June 2009

May Review

There be 33 blog entries for the month of May...

1st: We kick the month off with some news of new MAN single deckers for Stagecoach in Lincolnshire and also an exclusive peak at the new bus depot for Skegness.

2nd: It's not good news for travellers wanting information at Lincoln Central station but if anyone's able to fight the rail passenger's corner it's this man, with his no-nonsense editorials.

3rd: One of London's smaller bus operators announces a name change; inspired by Transport Minister Adonis' recent rail blog, we blow the cobwebs off the LEYTR archive and detail the first part of something similar that we undertook 5 years ago and we bring the further news of the re-birth of the Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway.

4th: We take a quick look at some of Lincolnshire's oldest buses that see regular service; detail part two of our All-lines Railrover jaunt and welcome news of the resurrection of a seasonal service linking two Lincolnshire coastal resorts.

6th: Saw is produce our review of news items covering April.

7th: We detail plans the DfT hope to implement that would see an overhaul of the current Free Concessionary Travel Scheme in England, specifically the way in which it's administered looks set to alter.

8th: Today sees the third part of our All-lines Railrover jaunt from 2005 be published.

11th: It's fair to say the news covering May was overshadowed by MPs' expenses scandals, so we have a look at some transport-related news items that would normally feature more prominently and post a fascinating video of an overground journey in London that mirrors the route taken by some Northern line Underground trains.

13th: Motorists generally despise speed cameras for one reason or another, so today's post had a fair response, it has to be said.

17th: Both Editors moved respective houses in May and so the four-day gap in blogging was unfortunate but realistically unavoidable. Normal service resumed today with a very funny mock-up of the rear-end of a double decker in Peterborough.

18th: Residents of Frinton on Sea fought a fierce battle to save the wooden railway gates that it saw as the guardian to the town, but under the cover of darkness recently, they lost.

19th: A new contributor, who's connected with the bus industry, brought us a world exclusive about electronic destination manufacturer, Bright Tech Developments.

20th: The fourth part of our 2005 All-lines Railrover jaunt was uploaded today (one further part to go).

22nd: The end is nigh for South West Trains 'slam door' electric multiple units on the Lymington Branch; we look at the Jurassic Line in more detail.

23rd: In a bid to pay off its rising debts, National Express sells its London bus business to The Netherlands' state-owned railway company, NedRail.

24th: The fifth and final part of the LEYTR 2005 All-lines Railrover jaunt was uploaded today. Those who wish to read all five parts in their entirety can do so on the LEYTRavels blog.

25th: We'd heard a whisper last month that a new bus company was being set-up in Nottingham and reported that in four days' time, the service would operate for free in readiness for its official launch at the start of June. We were also the first to post an historic photo of the first-ever East Midlands Trains-liveried HST to reach Skegness as well as posting an exclusive photo of the first-ever working of a new bus service in the town.

26th: Rail research findings were released that stated a few blindingly obvious things about what rail passengers expect to receive from their 'travel experience'. It's worth noting that while we were rather critical of this data, others in the industry welcomed it, hoping it would spur on those under-performing operators to provide just what the passengers ordered.

27th: ATOC released data confirming that the National Rail Network is running at its most punctual since records began; of course, not all is quite what it first seems... now

28th: We hear a whisper that the forthcoming new South Central rail franchise is effectively a done deal, with the DfT reportedly only entering into dialogue with one operator. The favourite is for existing operator Govia to retain the franchise, but then NedRail is seen as a shrewd punt!

29th: The EC approved a draft piece of legislation earlier in the month that sees bus and coach passengers receive the same rights as air travellers. We look at the implications should this become law here in the UK and reveal what one LEYTR operator would consider doing should it ever reach the statute book!

30th: An often forgotten tram network in the UK is that linking central Birmingham with Wolverhampton town centre. We celebrate the Midland Metro's 10th anniversary.

31st: Freak bus/coach fires are very uncommon, so when they do strike - and to a well-regarded operator - they make for very shocking images.