17 December 2008

Fancy Dress

You've heard of people impersonating Police officers, traffic wardens - even bus drivers (last year we understand a Stagecoach enthusiast dressed himself in that company's current uniform and stole a bus in Exeter) - now beware of people impersonating VOSA officials!

Taken from 'route one' trade magazine is the following:

Operators are being warned to make their drivers aware of the possibility of bogus VOSA officers, after a quantity of security clothing has “gone missing” in North West England.
There is concern that it will be used, possibly with bogus stop cars, to set up roadside stop operations.

Goods vehicles - which criminals currently target with bogus police officers and other methods - are the most likely target.

However, coach and bus operators are recommended to pass this information to their drivers along with advice on how to spot a genuine VOSA operation.

All VOSA vehicles have roof bar matrix systems. VOSA does not use vehicles with rear window matrix signs. If a ‘VOSA’ vehicle attempts to stop one of your vehicles and has a rear window matrix system, your driver should contact the police immediately and not stop.

VOSA Stopping Officers wear black trousers, white shirt, black tie and VOSA hi-vis jackets. If it is a static roadside stop, rather than a vehicle stop, the Stopping Officer will also wear a peaked cap. Someone wearing any other ‘uniform’ is not an authentic VOSA stopping officer and your driver should contact the police immediately and not stop.

All VOSA roadside staff wear VOSA hi-vis jackets, displaying warrant cards showing their name and photograph.