19 August 2008

For Sale!

Currently on sale is K271 ERM, an Alexander-bodied Volvo B6!

New to Stagecoach Cumberland in 1992, it subsequently ended its PCV career with Lincolnshire Road Car, and was purchased by John and Sue Watson of Brant Broughton in 2007 for £1,500.

They subsequently converted the bus into a mobile home

Mr Watson (58), a retired firefighter, said: "When people ask where we live and we tell them a RoadCar bus they
look amazed and I don't think they believe us.

"This last season we had campers on the site who were ex-bus drivers and it was a huge coincidence because they had actually driven the bus when it was in service."

The couple are now selling the bus at £3,500, part of the proceeds going to Cancer Research.

(Pictures courtesy of BBC)