22 June 2008

Arise Sir Moir

The chief executive of First Group, Moir Lockhead, was awarded a knighthood in the Queen's birthday honors. 63-year old Sir Moir guided the UK's largest transport operator into the FTSE 100 Index some years ago and was quoted as being somewhat overwhelmed about his visit to see Her Majesty: "I am on a little bit of a high right now. I can't believe it really."

Mr Lockhead paid tribute to the staff within First Group, citing that the high expectations he had for his firm had not only been attainted but exceeded.

There were mixed reactions in the national media with The Times' City Diary being less than gracious by pointing out the failings First had made in their Great Western rail franchise: "First Group deliberately mislead the Department for Transport over the number of trains cancelled, the true number being so high that it was in breach of its franchise."

A colleague at work has kept a cutting from the now defunct ad hoc Buses Focus magazine dating back a few years in which Moir Lockhead gave thought in one area of public relations, specifically focussing on how bus and coach drivers could better interract with passengers. He felt that drivers should "give passengers their moment". To this day neither of us are totally sure what this means but it hasn't done him any harm!