29 August 2011

Catalyst for Conversation

So often travelling on London's Underground network is described as 'emotionless'. Today, people have so much to say (and social media such as this help make this possible) yet when you're in a packed train, deep beneath the streets of one of the world's largest cities, it is very rare for spontaneous acts of conversation. Perhaps people would simply rather not be travelling or with such a multi-cultural society using the Tube, the language barrier is sometimes an issue.

We both enjoy light-hearted ways in which situations like this can be overcome and one such 'solution' has been designed by Chloe Lee Carson. Based on a free badge that was designer by Transport for London for pregnant women to wear (scroll to bottom of link page), a number of spoof designs have been produced. None, in our consideration, are offensive to other travellers; moreover they might just be the catalyst for conversation.

Reasonably priced at £1.50, they are what Duncan Bannatyne would describe as 'a punt'.

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