22 March 2011

Double take

Was that really Barry Doe being interviewed on Dispatches' Train Journeys from Hell programme on Channel 4 last night? Neither of us have ever seen Barry in-the-flesh and no sooner had he appeared then m'colleague made a call just as I was reaching for the phone myself.

As you'd expect from Barry, his comments were concise, clear, succinct and a little controversial, but accurate.

If I could get a screen grab from the programme I would upload it.

I first came across Barry Doe in BUSES magazine during the mid-1990s when he had a regular feature called On the Map, in which he reviewed bus network maps produced by operators and local authorities, as well as timetable information in general. His no-nonsense views and popular views made it the first page I turned to. Now a web-related section exists, though for a number of years, the magazine offered no real replacement. For the same reason, his Fare Dealer section in RAIL magazine is my first port of call.

Train Journeys from Hell detailed the 'bleedin' obvious', really, and was sure to attract more viewers than if an irresponsible title hadn't been used. The programme also detailed what we've been banging on about for ages, re trains being classed as punctual when they're anything but. Actor Richard Wilson's obvious frailty added to the effect of a man being hard done to. A more able-bodied individual, more likely to keep his place in a scrum for the door of a Mk3 carriage, wouldn't have resulted in as much viewer empathy.

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Graham said...

You can see the programme in full at http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dispatches/4od#3173780

I can't tell you where Mr Doe appears as I haven't watched it yet!