19 May 2010

Doing the rounds

The following video has been doing the rounds recently. Initially uploaded to YouTube, the clip was swiftly removed following national attention (it featured on the national BBC news). Clearly, the original uploaded was overwhelmed by the media attention it created. Thank goodness, then, for those savvy video watchers who saved the media prior to it being removed, only to then upload it themselves.

If the chap was a cat, he now has 8 lives left.

On a serious note, it does bring home the safety and vigilance required by all who frequent train stations. Enthusiasts have been fighting back recently, forcing police force after police force to re-issue guidelines to their officers concerning the legitimate taking of photos on platforms. Regrettably, action such as the chap in the video serve only to undo all the hard work done.

"I wonder if the Editors have another YouTube clip in their archive they'd be willing to upload (again) that shows other bafoons coming a cropper?"

We're only too pleased to oblige...

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