04 August 2009

Genuine consumer advice

Here's what you do if you're still undecided about New Transit magazine.
  1. Do not give Landor Publishing a penny of your hard-earned cash. Instead put it back under your floor boards (you wouldn't seriously put it in a bank right now, would you?).
  2. Save the £95 subscription fee, that entitles you to twelve copies (monthly) of New Transit plus free, un-metered access to their transportxtra.com site.
  3. Instead, visit your local, friendly newsagent and say that you'd like to order a copy of New Transit magazine each and every month for its £4.95 cover price. The barcode identifier for the first edition is 9-771358-476601 (ending 02 for the second edition etc). If he cannot find details of how to order it for you, email michelle.forde@landor.co.uk to ascertain exactly how you can purchase it for its stated cover price.
  4. Do not worry about the lack of access to its transportxtra.com site, transportinfo.org.uk is far, far superior.
  5. Sit back and save £35.60 every single year.
The second edition of New Transit was delivered last week. It's undoubtedly better than the first edition though still not what it was when we took out our subscription last year. It's probably worth £4.95 per month, but not a penny more - certainly not the £7.92 you'd be paying via a subscription.