06 March 2009

A novel way to sell your business

Actually, 'novel' could well be the wrong term! If Lothian Buses, the UK's largest council-owned bus company, chooses to sell some of its old buses over the Internet, it's a move that's surely to catch on!

A total of 20 buses have been sold using 'tinterweb', with selling prices ranging between £7,500 - £19,000, netting the company a total of £273,891, with the vehicles all being sold in working condition to other bus operators around the country.

Receiving over a quarter of a million pounds for twenty old vehicles is certainly an impressive amount. The use of the Internet and the way in which bus operators weild its potential differ massively from company to company.

The image-savvy such as Trent Barton and Southern Vectis (both having relatively recently been 'Best Impressionised') have started to use sections of the Internet that have previously been no-go areas for operators. Trent Barton commenced a Facebook group for its Red Arrow coach service, while Southern Vectis keep a blog of developments there.

Most sizeable operators, and a fair few smaller ones, offer and maintain a website, with details of timetables, fares, fleet news etc, but not a lot more. Could the currently novel antics of very few operators become the norm in a few years' time? (GWB)