02 July 2008

New 'Cab card' launched in London

London's Evening Standard newspaper reports today that an Oyster-style cashless card has been launched today for use in London's black cabs. The scheme has been dubbed "tap it and go" and works by customers touching an in-cab reader with their card which will then deduct the total fare cost from the balance on their card.

Today's launch sees the Royal Bank of Scotland-operated scheme fitted in 25 black cabs in the city and if successful the scheme is likely to be extended to a greater number of vehicles. The card itself is a "contactless" debit card issued by the RBS; no new-style card is needed, customers simply get their bank card out and touch the reader which will pay for any fare less than £10. A similar scheme was introduced last year where a Barclaycard could act as an Oyster.

Talking of Oyster, the company who manufactures the cards also features in the Evening Standard today, though not for such a positive reason!