09 May 2008


What's the highest percentage hike for a product or service you're likely to pay for this year? 20%? 50%? Apparently bread has risen by over 60% for some brands. Spare a thought then for tourists in London who have been faced with a staggering 1,900% price rise in bus fares on routes T1 and T2 operated by Arriva's Original London Sightseeing Tour.

In a genuine coincidence, since the last entry on this blog was about how one of their employees was witnessed 'in conflict' with a white van man, we bring you yet another 'original' news item from Arriva's operation in London: how the firm's 'short-hop' fare on routes T1 and T2 in London has risen from between 80p and £2.00 to £22.00, equating to an average of 1,900%. Effectively they have removed the 'short-hop' fee on these services and only offer the full tour fee, which is reduced to £20.00 if purchased online.

Routes T3, T4 & T5 continue to offer 'short-hop' fares ranging between 80p and £2.00.

Has nobody told them that our American friends are not as wealthy as they used to be?