29 April 2008

Accidental timing?

The leader on local radio station Lincs FM this morning concerned free concessionary bus travel in the West Lindsey district of Lincolnshire. Here the Liberal Democrat party has said that it would remove the 0930hrs restriction for concessionary free bus travel during May.

The ruling party's decision to announce this 2 days before polling begins has been criticised by the opposing Conservative party, a spokesman for which described it as "electoral fraud" as there had been no time to discussion the policy prior to the Lib Dems announcing their intention to introduce the scheme.

The Conservatives Party's line is that they would look in-depth at the possibility of relaxing the 0930hrs restriction but not commit to guaranteeing its removal so close to the election.

Should the Lib Dems be re-elected in West Lindsey it would then mean the council would offer a better deal for its concessionary pass holders than the other districts of Lincolnshire and with North East Lincolnshire Council planning to relax its 0930hrs restriction, there is likely to be much confusion!