12 March 2008

The Budget

Main points raised in this afternoon's Budget - Alistair Darling's first as Chancellor of the Exchequer - are listed below:
  • The planned increase in fuel duty by 2p per litre has been postponed until October of this year. This is seen as a positive step by transport operators in the UK as it was only last week that a barrel of oil had reached an all-time high of $110. The Freight Transport Association claim that the deferral will save the transport and logistics industry around £140 million.

  • Despite many thinking road-pricing was not off the agenda, the Chancellor announced he plans to set-up test areas for road-pricing throughout the UK.

  • A major reform of vehicle excise duty will take place in 2009 which will see a staggered road tax fee per car per year from new. It is unlikely to have a direct effect on PCVs, though the small-print has yet to be released.

  • Check-in times at Heathrow and Gatwick ariports are to be reduced

  • 10% increase in air passenger duty is planned.

And for those Blackadder Goes Forth fans out there, it only seems fair we should upload the picture we immediately think of whenever the word "Darling" is used...