10 January 2008

2008 'sneak peak'

The front cover design for all LEYTR magazines this year has been finalised, and along with the six photos that will adorn said cover, have been taken to our local printer who is producing a proof copy prior to full-scale production.

We occasionally receive letters from members interested to know more about the magazine's production so I thought it would be worth a quick blog entry on this subject.

The first edition of 2008, Jan/Feb, will also have a colour centre spread, featuring seven photos depicting regular and immediately recognisable shots of two recently defunct rail operators, GNER and Central Trains.

Turning to the main cover, we have photos of the following operators this year:
  • Brylaine Travel
  • 'Lincolnshire' Bristol SC4LK
  • Northern Rail
  • Hornsby of Ashby
  • Porteous {Alpha}, Hull
  • Class 50 railtour

The committee are also very happy to announce that the annual subscription is held for the sixth year at £8.00 all inclusive.