22 July 2007

July/August Transport Review

I'm happy to announce that the latest LEYTR is now ready for publication. Delivery will be in just over 1 week. This edition follows on from the last one in that it comprises a whopping 28 pages again - this time there is no photo feature, it's pure text, generally in the form of news. There is only 1 article and we have a final, full Central Trains fleetlist (the last to be produced before the Company is split in two at the end of the year). The Stagecoach in Lincolnshire news has been edited from reports of the largest number of contributors within living memory on this occasion! Of course you need to be a member to receive it all - a snip at £8 per year for 6 magazines: http://www.leytr.co.uk/ for details, you can even join online now through PayPal.