19 May 2007

May/June 2007 LEYTR

I'm happy to announce that, following the Stagecoach in Lincolnshire notes being sent in from our new correspondant, Richard Woodhead, the next edition of the Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire Transport Review (LEYTR), May/June 2007, will be ready for publication. This forthcoming edition is particularly special to myself and Peter (my co-editor) as it marks a 28-page edition (at no further cost to the membership). Technically, each LEYTR is to be 20 pages in length, though for as long as I can remember - and long before I joined the committee, it has always been a 24 page publication.

There is sometimes so much news and information of a recent nature that cramming items into 24 pages is very difficult indeed; of course there are a few occasions when we struggle to fill 24 pages as a result of very little breaking, though these times are becoming fewer and fewer. The actual news content of this edition is unchanged at the usual 24 pages in length, but with the addition of a 4-page centre spread of EYMS vehicles that I mentioned in a previous blog entry.

Peter - a pure genius with photo editing software - spent hours improving the photos that I'd taken last month in East Yorkshire, and along with two photos supplied by a LEYTR member in print form, we had a nice selection to choose from. 7 are needed - one in portrait format, the others in landscape - and last week I took them to my local camera shop to have the 5 I'm putting towards the set put onto print for our printer to use. You may not know this but if taking shots with a digital camera, your camera may say it's taking the shot in a 6x4 format but in fact it is about 5.5x4 format, so when you go to have the prints developed, in order that they fill the entire 6x4 glossy paper, the shot is zoomed in upon, resulting in sections along the lengths (top and bottom) of your photo being cropped.

Despite asking my local camera shop to ensure this didn't happen, Ravenscrofts Cameras of Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes failed me. Not only did the photos come back cropped but a white border was present in all of them. I opted to take my cd to Snappy Snaps in Peterborough city centre and received excellent customer care by a 7ft tall German chap. He knew my plight and assured me that this wouldn't happen. The following day, and £3 later, the 10 photos I got printed were all done as I asked and will be taken to our printer next week for a proof to be produced.

All being well the LEYTR will be posted out in about 10 days time.