25 April 2007

North Weald Rally - 1 July 2007

Luckily my job allows me to know exactly what days I'll have off as far in the future as I dare plan - not bad for someone who works in the transport industry with weekends and nights away to contend with!

I'm catching a show with a friend from work on Saturday 30 June in London's West End. Living in Grimsby, it's a 3 hour train ride to the Capital. The following day is the North Weald Rally on the North Weald Airfield near Epping so I've managed to tie it all in very cleverly!

Travel from Grimsby to London Saturday 30 June, evening performance then overnight in a University College Hospital campus room (they're open to the public at this time of year) followed by the 200 bus rally in Epping the following day and then the train journey home.

Better still I'm travelling first class to London from Cleethorpes. It will be a weekend when I travel (south on Sat, north on Sun) and uncontrollable, screaming kids will be in abundance so first class will be a welcome relief - plus I'll take full advantage of the complimentary refreshments on board. The cost £28.95 each way! Unbelievable! http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/ flagged these fares (a "GNER 1st Advance4") as being £32.50 each yet buying them from the GNER website direct meant a further reduction. Well done them!

The UCH campus is one block off Oxford Street in London and will cost an amazing £32.50 for a night's sleep plus breakfast the next morning. I've got my Oyster card and have been on the TfL website for a journey plan to the airfield from central London and all seems well.Can't wait to go!